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lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

Suikoden Rare & Promo CD's

Music has always played a major role in the feel of the Suikoden titles and fortunately, Konami has released many upon many OST’s featuring those songs. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the rarer CD’s, promo’s, and singles that had limited releases and featured previously unheard tracks and remixes. Be wary, if you’re a collector, you may want to grab a tissue to wipe some of the drool up.

First let's talk about the Japanese released:

Limited Suikoden II OST

It was originally released on December 23, 1998 in Japan for 6000 yen. The only thing different about this compared to the 2 Suikoden II OST’s still available for purchase today is that it came with a nice little cover box to house the CD cases, everything else is the same. This became out of print 2 years later on December 22, 2000. To find a used one today it will cost you about 6000 yen as well.

Suikoden I Promo 8mm mini CD

I won't go into details about this little gem as beautiful Nanami has already talked about here

Suikoden Orgel Collection promo CD.

One of my personal favourites is the very rare Suikoden Orgel Collection promo CD. It features 6 famous Suikoden songs remixed in the style of a Music Box. Getting this album is no easy feat as it was limited to 1000 prints only. Even more unique was that you had to purchase 3 other Suikoden OST’s and then send Konami the obis from all 3 to receive it. The deadline to do this was March 31, 2003. Excluding the fact you had to purchase 3 other OST’s, this promo cd was completely free. Today to find this on Yahoo Auction Japan … if you can find it … you’re probably looking to spend somewhere around 15,000 yens (ouch).

Suikoden III TGS 2002 Charity Auction CD

Very little is actually known about this album, as the release was very, VERY limited. At the time of it’s release at the Tokyo Game Show 2002, on September 22, 2002 there were only 5 (yes, only five!) of these given away during a charity auction to the highest bidders. The songs featured on this promo were:

01 Unreleased BGM "Where the Wind Goes" (Amur Plains Unused Track)

02 Battle Time Various Mini BGM (Shorts not released on the soundtrack)

03 Koroku's Theme (Out for a Walk version)

I personally have never ever seen this album, and I’m pretty sure I never will (cries) for the fact that only 5 were made, and that some of them may have been lost or damaged by now. If you’re ever lucky enough to spot one for sale you can probably expect to pay enough potch to feed a small country for a few weeks … Good luck!

Suikoden IV Prelude CD

This album isn’t so rare, but it’s a bit of an oddity in that the only way you can get it is by purchasing a full color 64 page book entitled Suikoden IV Prelude Book (go figure!). It was released on July 29, 2004 for 1100yen. The CD is a sampler containing 9 songs from the Suikoden IV OST. Today it can be purchased on Yahoo Auctions Japan for around 600yen.

Next we have the Suikoden IV Limited Edition OST

This was released on June 1, 2005 in Japan. This album is a little different for the fact that it comes with a special A5 sized, 40 page musical book score, containing piano score for the song “Finale: Remembering the Blue of the Sea”. On Japan it fetches an unreasonably high price of around 6000 yen sometimes, which I find a little odd as it can still be found on some online shops for half that.

Suikoden Tierkreis TGS 2008 Promo CD

This very rare promo was sold at the Konami booth at the Tokyo Game Show in 2008, prior to the release of Tierkreis. It is unknown how many copies were distributed, but in the one time it was auctioned on Yahoo Auctions Japan, it sold for a whopping 12,500yen!!, so it's safe to say this is another tough one to obtain. It has 2 tracks on it, the main theme of tierkreis "Tears in the Sky" and the second song is the ending theme "Door of Hope", both sung by Satomi Takasugi.

That’s it as far as we know for the rarer Japanese albums, now let’s talk about some of the promotional American releases.

First up is the Suikoden IV Promotional CD.

This was given out by Konami as a promotion prior to the American release of Suikoden IV. If you found seven passwords on the official Konami site, they would send you this for free. It contains 14 tracks from the first 4 Suikoden titles. You can fetch these on eBay for a pretty fair price, about $5 - $10.

Suikoden V Pre-Order Music CD

This CD came in a special 10th anniversary commemorative collector’s book featuring 48 pages of Suikoden V artwork. The CD features 10+ songs from the game. This was only available if you pre-ordered Suikoden V at select stores. Today you can grab it from ebay for around $20.

Suikoden Tierkreis Pre-Oder CD

Another pre-order bonus available for the western fans of Suikoden, this has been covered by Lovely Nanami in this post here here

Well, that’s it as far as I know. Let me know if you happen to find the TGS Charity Auctions CD for sale (but don’t tell Nanami) ^^

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