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viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

Suikoden V Autographed Posters

Hello again!, miss me? haha.

I have a special piece of Suikoden V history to share with you all! Up until last week I had no knowledge that these existed, then I saw an auction for it.
I present to you an official autographed Suikoden V Poster:

Suikoden V Autographed Poster

3 Autographs

Letter of authenticity

These posters are pretty rare as they were given only to 108 people (what a coincidence no?? :P) They were announced on the official Japanese King Blog before the release of Suikoden V in Japan. It was announced that when the Blog had 1.08 (another coincidence) million viewers, they would have a contest that people could enter for a special prize. The 108 winners were picked randomly, 6 of them received 3 posters all signed by 3 people, and the other 102 would received 1 poster signed by 3 people. Suffice to say these are very rare and even more limited.
The people who autographed them are:
- The Director of Suikoden V: Takahiro Sakiyama
- The Composer and Sound Producer of Suikoden V: Norikazu Miura (He was also the sound director for Suikoden Tactics and Shadows of Destiny)
- and finally the King himself, the King Blog and also the Art Director of Suikoden V: Hideki "King" Tanaka

I'm fairly certain the 3 posters given to the 6 people would be these ones here, although the ones pictured here are not autographed. And these ones without the autographs aren't too rare.

You can read about it in the original post on Kings Blog here:

You can also find an english translation of the post on Suikosource here:
Just scroll down to where it says 2/22 The Promised "Last Night" and you'll see it :)

I can't wait to receive this beautiful item, I hope I can find the other 2 posters I need some day :D.