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miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2009

Suikoden Cloth Posters

These are all the suikoden clothes posters I could find.
Estos son todos los posters de tela del Suikoden que he podido encontrar.
Starting for the Suikoden III banners. As you can see there are 4 kinds. Theyre quite hard to find, and more if youre searching for all them.

Empezando por los banners del Suikoden III. Como se puede ver aquí, hay 4 modelos. Son bastante dificiles de encontrar y más si los quieres todos.

This one is suikoden IV japanese cloth poster. Its really cool. I owe this one (the piture is from the auction I won).
Este es un poster de tela japonés del Suikoden IV. Es realmente cool. Este lo tengo (la foto es de la puja que gané).

This is the only not-japanese one. Its a promo Konami America Suikoden IV poster. Its easy to see sometimes on ebay.
Este es el único poster de tela que no es de Japón. Es un artículo promo de Suikoden IV, de Konami America. Se puede ver en ebay a veces.

Konami Stand on TGS. You can see some cloth posters but unfortunattely not for sale :(
El stand de Konami en el TGS. Se pueden ver los posters de tela pero por desgracia no estaban a la venta.

lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2009

New and Improved Suikoden Room!

Hooooooooola a todos!
Whenever we have an excuse to show off either of our collections, we absolutely jump at the chance! Inspired (or down right stolen :P) by beautiful Nan's awesome display of her collection, I decided to get some shelves for my own collection :D. After a lot of hard work of trying to put those up, its finally finished. While i'm no handyman, I think the end result isnt the worst :D Soon I want to add some posters to the walls as well. Nanami also came up with the greatest idea ever for a Suikoden room, but we'll hold out on ruining that surprise until that's finished :D.
Without further ado: