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lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

Some new Suikoden items from konamistyle!!!

Hola Everyone!
Finally i'm back with a new PC! And to welcome myself back (haha) we have some new items for you to see! All of these are available to see and purchase from konamistyle.

First is a re-release of Suikoden Tierkreis in a Konami the Best version. There is no changes to the actual game, the only difference is the cover. The price will be 2940yen but if you pre-order it you can get it for 2646yen. It will be released on February 18th.

They are also releasing it in a Konami Style Special Edition, however if you bought the first version of the Tierkreis Konami Style Special Edition, then this will probably dissapoint you :(. Everything is the same, the only difference is instead of the first printing of Suikoden Tierkreis, you get Konami The Best version. This will cost 8246yen and will also be released February 18th.

Next on the list is a NEW CD from Konami!!!
Unfortunately there isn't a picture of the cover yet, but the title will be "Arrange collection Suikoden Celtic and the Asian Vol.2". According to Konamistyle these will be all new recordings :). It will feature 12 songs, 2 each from Suikoden I-V and Tierkreis. It will be released on March 19th for 3000yen.

I was saving my favourite for last :). Konami has also decided to release a new Suikoden Encyclopedia!!. And from the pictures alone it looks amazing. According to konamistyle, this will be compiled with all the info of Suikoden books to date. Incorporating all titles such as Suikoden I-V, Both Suikogaidens, Rhapsodia, and Tierkreis (unfortunately not Card Stories). Apparently they also used Wikipedia for some info too? The book comes with 1080 pages, with colour, and a box. This will also be released on March 19th, for 9450yen. If you purchase the encyclopedia and the Suikoden CD together, you can save on shipping (i'm assuming only for Japan residents unfortunately).

Thanks to Nanami for finding most of the info for us!! She's the master hunter when it comes to Suikoden items :P.

miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010

Customize dolls into Suikoden characters

Hoy es 6 de enero, y como regalo de reyes, me he dedicado a buscar munyecos que se parezcan a algún personaje de suikoden y que sean, por ello, fácilmente customizables. Espero que a quien le gusten los dollfies le pueda servir de ayuda, y a quien no, al menos le entretenga ver los parecidos. Me he guiado por parecido físico, y también por parecido en la expresión, como es el caso de Sheena, que es a la vez muy femenino y muy mujeriego, y creo que el munyeco lo clava ^^
Se aceptan sugerencias, tanto si sabeis de algún otro parecido cómo si quereis munyecos que se parezcan a un personaje en particular (alguno posible, no me pidais un Crowley o un Rulodia que son imposibles xD), yo me encargo de buscarlo que es algo que me fascina ^^

Today is January 6th an its 3 kings day (theyre similar to Santa Claus), so, like gift in this day I spent the day searching for dolls which seem some suikoden character, so you can customize them easily if you want. I hope someone likes dollfies and that would help them, but if not, at least I wish you enjoy watching the similarities between the pics. I was searching for the most similar faces, but also for a similar expression, like Sheena, who is at same time a feminine guy, but a ladies man xD and I think the doll is just the same.
I acept suggestions if you know more dolls which seems some characters or if you want to find them, ill find the ones which seem the character you want (please, something possible, nothing like a Crowley or a Rulodia... XD), I would love to search them for you, I really like doing it ^^