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miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

April 2012 suikoden package!

This is my last suikoden package. In the picture you can see from left to right, up to down:(Este es mi ultimo paquete de suikoden, puedes ver de izquierda a derecha y de arriba abajo lo siguiente-perdonad que no traduzca cada una de las cosas pero creo que se entiende xD):
portrait sheet collection, tsumugareshi illustrations 2nd (good quality) and 1st version (bad quality, konami's mistake), suikoden drama cd vol. 1 and volume 2, tsumugareshi game, suikoden IV bandana with the letter of autenticity, tsumugareshi dvd promo 1, dvd promo 2, ost and artbook, suikoden asian collection ost sealed, suikoden IV postcard set, tsumugareshi postcard and promo psp themes code, suikoden IV promo dvd, celtic collection 2 ost, suikoden 2 ost limited edition, suikoden I and II for psp, tsumugareshi theme codes, suikoden IV cards, Suikoden IV limited edition ost, limited cards, suikogaiden II cards.

The second part of my package: 10-13 and 15, 16 shinsho books, suikoden II, IV, V and rhapsodia english guidebooks, suikogaiden mini posters set, pop n music 13 artbook (includes artwork of prince Falenas) and suikoden cap stories chapter 2 starter pack.