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sábado, 25 de diciembre de 2010

Feliz navidad

Feliz navidad a todos, especialmente a los suiko fans y a mi colaborador Winds : )
Prometo subir cualquier novedad de la cual tenga noticia: no es que haya abandonado suikoden ni el blog, es que no hay nada nuevo -_-
Bueno chicos, hasta pronto y que papa noel/santa o quien sea os haya traido muchas cositas! A los que les traen los regalos los reyes magos (como a mi): paciencia! ^^

Merry christmas to everyone, specially to suiko fans and to my colaborator Winds : )
I promise I´ll update any new I could find; it isnt like I forsaken suikoden or the blog, its just there isnt anything new -_-
Well guys, see you soon, I hope papa noel/santa or whoever broughts you a lot of gifts!

martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

Suikoden Original Soundtrack complete box

Después de tanto tiempo sin actualizar debido a una mudanza y muchos meses sin internet (además de falta de novedades del mundo suikoden) por fin traigo una noticia. Como supuse, konami no ha olvidado el 15º aniversario de esta saga y ha decidido hacer un item conmemorativo: se trata de la colección de todas las canciones de suikoden, incluyendo spin off. Dice tener una muy buena calidad (comentan algo de blue-ray), incluye 25 discos con más de 650 canciones en total (guau).

El precio es de 25000 yenes, algo que sólo se pueden permitir los bolsillos más llenos, pero realmente es una buena inversión teniendo en cuenta la cantidad de canciones que incluye. Unos míseros 38,4 yenes por canción xD
Incluye además un folleto, y de momento se sabe poco más. No tengo muy claro el sistema pero me ha parecido entender que sólo comercializarán la cantidad que la gente compre antes del día 15 de diciembre, día en que Suikoden cumple 15 anyazos. Por supuesto sólo se puede conseguir en Konamistyle : (
Esperemos que no tengamos que esperar hasta el 20º aniversario para el suikoden VI... pero aún así, me alegra que sigan produciendo y ojalá ojalá pudiese comprarme esto *_*

domingo, 12 de septiembre de 2010

Konami Net Dx presents... Suikoden Card Collection!

Al fin una novedad de Suikoden. Se trata de una aplicación descargable al movil por unos 315 yenes al mes. No sé exactamente si es un juego o sólo se trata de coleccionar cartas en el movil. Lo que si es seguro es que cuenta con nuevas ilustraciones de Fumi Ishikawa (SII) y que las cartas que consigas se pueden utilizar como fondo de pantalla para el movil.
Más información aquí (en japonés).

Finally some news about suikoden. Its a downloable aplication for mobile phone. It costs 314 yens per month. I dont know exactly if thats a game or its only for collecting virtual cards in your cellphone. But whats sure its the fact Fumi Ishikawa (SII) did new artwork and you can save the cards you get as wallpapers.
More info here (japanese).

domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Happy Birthday, Winds! -Flik's fake game-

Today is a special day because is Wind's birthday, our favorite (and only one!) colaborator.
As a gift, Ill send him this item tomorrow.
Its a game for a crap chinese cheap console, which looks similiar to GBA. The games are all copies, with artworks, music and even the games itself stolen. This way I got him a copy of the game Happy Killer (funny name) which has Flik in the cover, a stolen artwork from the chinese wonderful artist Jo Chen, whis is very well known for her amazing drawings from marvel, street fighter, buffy and suikoden.
I know what they did stealing her artwork is really unfair, but I couldnt help seeing this cool Flik in a videogame *-*
I think I dont need to say but the game has nothing to do with Flik or suikoden, thats the literally description of the game, in a english which is even worse than mine. Enjoy it:

"Recently, treasure un Holy land was beenstealed. Xiaole decided to find them, for he want to prove he has been grown up, become a real man. He took the cowry that his father left and reached a unknown country inwich there were many villains. If Xiaole's identify was been founded, everyone will be Xiaole´s enemy. So Xiaole took one and one furious battles with the enemy during he looking for the treasure inone and unacquainted countries".

Im speechless. Its sad to say but it looks close to my english tests in highschool, haha.

After the 'amazing' description you may be expecting a very cool game. Im sorry, but it looks like crap xD

Well, thats the little gift I got for Winds, maybe Im a little cheap but what you dont know is I have another little gift for him, but shhhhhh dont tell him!
Btw, I offer all you a virtual piece of cake from last year, and...

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday, dear Winds
happy birthday to you!

viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

Suikoden V Autographed Posters

Hello again!, miss me? haha.

I have a special piece of Suikoden V history to share with you all! Up until last week I had no knowledge that these existed, then I saw an auction for it.
I present to you an official autographed Suikoden V Poster:

Suikoden V Autographed Poster

3 Autographs

Letter of authenticity

These posters are pretty rare as they were given only to 108 people (what a coincidence no?? :P) They were announced on the official Japanese King Blog before the release of Suikoden V in Japan. It was announced that when the Blog had 1.08 (another coincidence) million viewers, they would have a contest that people could enter for a special prize. The 108 winners were picked randomly, 6 of them received 3 posters all signed by 3 people, and the other 102 would received 1 poster signed by 3 people. Suffice to say these are very rare and even more limited.
The people who autographed them are:
- The Director of Suikoden V: Takahiro Sakiyama
- The Composer and Sound Producer of Suikoden V: Norikazu Miura (He was also the sound director for Suikoden Tactics and Shadows of Destiny)
- and finally the King himself, the King Blog and also the Art Director of Suikoden V: Hideki "King" Tanaka

I'm fairly certain the 3 posters given to the 6 people would be these ones here, although the ones pictured here are not autographed. And these ones without the autographs aren't too rare.

You can read about it in the original post on Kings Blog here:

You can also find an english translation of the post on Suikosource here:
Just scroll down to where it says 2/22 The Promised "Last Night" and you'll see it :)

I can't wait to receive this beautiful item, I hope I can find the other 2 posters I need some day :D.

martes, 22 de junio de 2010

Suikoden I manga: The Succeed Crest, vol. 2

Aunque me he enterado con algo de retraso y no se puede considerar una noticia, ha salido el vol. 2 del manga de Suikoden I (si, sólo del 1, no se sabe nada del 2...)
Ya había perdido la esperanza, tras... 9 meses? XD No sé si Yu Hijikata es realmente tan lenta (ni Kentaro Miura...) o si han tenido problemas. Esperemos que se noralice y que podamos tener más tomos pronto. Go, go, Yu Hijikata!
Se puede conseguir en amazon o en Yesasia.Foto de una web china.I suppose that cant be considered like "news" but I just saw it now. The vol. 2 of suikoden I manga is already out and in sale (without news about suikoden II manga, sadly...).
I really didnt expect that and i lost all my hopes after 9 months waiting haha. I dont know if Yu Hijikata is SO slow (more than Kentaro Miura...) or if they had problems realising that. I hope we can have more mangas soon. Go, go, Yu Hijikata!
You can buy it in Amazon or in Yesasia.

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Suikoden II PC Chinese....Alas!!

Hola a todos!

We're very sorry for the lack of updates but Nan and I have been overly busy as of late, we rarely have time for updating. Especially since there hasn't been much news to tell in the world of Suikoden merchandise. I've managed to buy a few Suikoden things I didn't have in the last couple of months, but nothing that we haven't covered before. However there is one exception :)...I know we've talked about this item once before, but never had any real info for you....until today!

I managed to finally track down a copy of the Chinese version of Suikoden II for the PC!! YAAAY! Behold the beauty in all it's glory :). Unfortunately the auction didn't come in it's original packaging (I still haven't any idea what the original packaging looks like) but it did come with both install discs and the manual. Though, it's really nothing to drool about, the discs are very generic and the manual doesn't have anything we haven't seen before.
This is the first time i've played Suikoden II on the PC so I can't compare it to other PC versions (if there are any?). I can tell you though that everything is in a higher resolution and a little bit more detailed than its playstation counterpart. Simply said, it looks beautiful on the PC. The one thing I was a little dissapointed about was the lack of video and audio options. Why? Because there isn't any :(. The only options you are allowed to adjust are the keyboard and joystick buttons. At least they gave us that though right?

This version is probably right up there near the top on the rarity list for Suikoden merch. I've only ever seen this thing twice, the first time the seller refused to sell it for some reason, and this time I won it. It didn't come cheap either, over $100 :(.
I'll leave you with some pictures of it that I took :)

Suikoden 2 PC Chinese Discs and Manual

Inside the Manual

Back of Manual

Installation Menu

Menu Screen

Name Select

Nanamis Loading Screen!

Jowy and Riou

Captain Rowd


Fighting Highlanders


Tenzan Pass

Hunter Rune...:P

Going to Ryube for some sugar!

World Map

Rina, Eilie, and Bolgan


Jowy to the rescue!!

Jowy fails to rescue...

Riou. Do you... want my carrots? (in Chinese!)

The escape...looks like Jowy hung himself :(

Save Screen

jueves, 11 de marzo de 2010


He recibido mi última gran compra: ¡la figura de Miakis! llevaba anyos tras ella y he podido conseguir este ejemplar con mucha suerte... es la única vez en mi vida que la he visto a la venta, es una joya bastante rara : )
La iré pintando y montando si me atrevo, quizá empiece este domingo : ) Ya iré subiendo fotos.
I just received my last big purchase: Miakis figure! I spent years and years seaching for it and I finnally could get this one, I think I was so lucky... Its the only time Ive ever seen this figure for sale, its a rare treasure : )
Ill paint it and and Ill ensemble it if Im able to, maybe this sunday : ) Ill post pictures soon.

martes, 2 de marzo de 2010

Suikoden Production Items

Hello again!
We have some interesting items to share with you today. These items are a little bit different in the fact that they were never released to the public. In fact these were all used "during" the production of their respective game. The first thing's are from Suikoden III, they are 2 discs that were used from the production team at Konami before the game was released. They are the actual game of Suikoden III, however they are not the finished versions that were released, they have some things different. I haven't had a chance to play through them completely comparing them to the original Suikoden III game, as I just received them, but I will one day! I'll show you just some early pictures I took.

The gold one is dated 2002/07/15 and the white one is dated 08/09/02. The actual game was released on October 24th, 2002, which shows these versions are earlier betas. The gold one I tested about 10 minutes of Hugos first chapter, but I couldn't see any noticeable difference. I will have to look into it further and play more. The white disc is the more interesting one so far. Loading it up is obvious its different from the retail version, there are a lot of coding and programming on the screen, showing how the game is working. I think there is a chance there could even be some "debug" options, which means there could be cool things like adding items, changing my strength and levels, and some other cool things. That is unsure yet though. Here are some screenshots of the white disc in-game.

The other rare thing that I purchased was a demo version of Suikoden IV. It is dated November, the release of Suikoden IV in the US was January 11th, 2005. Which means this demo was released some months before it. This was a demo given to Embargo press, though i'm unsure of what that is.

There are also some noticeable differences in this demo. It is a short demo starting when you are on your ship fighting the Water Dragon, then you crash at the shore and have to fight the Crab boss to save Chiepoo. This part is very condensed compared to the original, as you don't have to go around collecting wood or spend days there. The mermaid comes to you right away and asks you to beat up the crab. It's been a while since I played Suikoden IV but in this version a random 4th character is in your party instead of Chiepoo, first I had Jeane then I had Mizuki, both as playable characters. Also all your runes are powered up 100%, with level 4 magic already available, and 9 attacks of each. Also, as the game obviously wasn't finished yet, the translation is still a little unfinished as you can see in these pics.

The last item that I got was used by Konami of Japan while making Suikoden Tierkreis. They are 72 colour pages of Suikoden character art. These were actually used in the production of Tierkreis, but I don't know much else about them other than they're so cool!! Take a look ^^

I'm not sure about the character art, but the discs are quite a rare find as they were never supposed to leave the offices of Konami. The seller told me that an employee had taken these during the production, but today there is a lot more security for things like this and it's almost impossible to get away with things like that. Besides their rarity, another reason I love them is that they give us a look into the making and history of our beloved games :) It makes me feel like I was there during the production!

I hope you enjoyed these!
Adios! ^^