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viernes, 28 de agosto de 2009

Suikoden Posters

Helloooooo all! We're back again with a glorious update on fancy Suikoden wall other words, Posters!! Konami seems to love promoting their beloved series in Japan with promo Posters, so lucky for us there are more things to collect! There are quite a few posters to show, and probably more we haven't discovered or don't have a picture of yet. So this list might be update in the near future as we find them :) I hope you drool as much as we did while looking at these! Enjoy!

Suikoden 1 Poster
Suikoden 1 posters are veeeery hard to find. In fact in all our years of searching we've only ever seen 2 and this is one of them. Even then we only saw this the one time. Well, except for the many times I see it in my room since I was fortunate enough to win this, YAY!

This just happens to be one of my favourite posters of all time. I just love the Suikoden 1 artwork and what better way to display it then on your wall with all 108 SoD's :). This poster was part of a set of 3, each poster contained all the 108 stars for Suikoden 1, 2, and 3. They were only sold at the Tokyo Game Show as far as i'm aware.

Suikoden 2 Posters
This promo poster was given to stores to promote the then upcoming game Suikoden II in Japan. It also promoted the fact that Metal Gear Solid in Japan was released with a playable demo of Suikoden II inside.

The left poster is similar to Nanamis rare suikoden II poster but contains Japanese kanji instead of english text. This one is rare but not nearly as rare as Nanamis.
The one on the right is similar to the promo poster above, but the difference is this one was released after Suikoden II in Japan, and is no longer a promo picture.

The poster on the left is of quite a famous picture of Suikoden II. This picture has quite a few releases on suikoden merch, ie a phone card, a card, post cards etc.

The right poster is one of my favourites and contains the 3 main characters in the foreground and the 108 SoDs in the background.

If you follow this blog i'm sure you've seen this gem quite a few times :). It belongs to our very own Nanami. It was released in Europe/UK to promote the release of Suikoden II. It is seemingly impossible to find unless you ask Nanami nicely for it :)

There is also a Suikoden 2 poster of all the 108 stars similar to the Suikoden 1 and 3 ones featured in this post, but sadly I do not have a picture of it to show you. I promise when I find one, it'll be updated here!

Suikoden 3 Posters
A Suikoden III Poster featuring the heroes.

The third in the set of 3 108 Stars Posters from TGS. Amaaazing.

This poster was 1 of 2 released in the US to promote the release of Suikoden III. These are actually quite hard to find. But every once in a while you'll see them on eBay.

The second of 2 released in the US. Another hard one to find.

Suikoden IV Posters
A double sided Suikoden IV Poster. That is the front and back.

A weirdly shaped Suikoden IV Promo poster. This one is quite rare.

Suikoden V Posters
These posters were released in Japan as a set of 3 with the release of Suikoden V. Obviously they didn't come framed, but what a cool idea! *Pic taken from the suikosource forums.

Another oddly shaped Suikoden poster, similar to the Suikoden IV one above. You'll notice they advertise a DVD in this one. The cover of the DVD is not one we've seen before, but Nanami and I seem to think this poster was created before they knew how the DVD that came with the Limited Edition Suikoden V would look, so they made a sample of it with this pic. I don't think this cover really exists.

Suikogaidens Posters
Suikogaiden Volume 1 Poster

Suikogaiden Volume 2 Poster.

A set of 3 mini posters for Suikogaiden vol 1 released at the 2001 Spring TGS. It even came in a small tube with a preview on it, fancy huh?

Rhapsodia Posters
A double sided Rhapsodia promo poster advertising the released of the game. Pictured are the front and back.

Yet another oddly shaped one similar to the Suikoden IV and V ones. This ones for Rhapsodia, i like it!

A set of 6 mini posters for Rhapsodia. It was released at TGS and is quite rare and expensive. I've seen this for auction twice and both times it was very expensive.

Suikoden Tierkreis Posters
Suikoden Tierkreis promo poster for the release of the game.

Another promo poster for the release of Tierkreis in Japan.

A Tierkreis poster released in the US inside a gaming magazine. You can find these on eBay for very cheap.

Another US Tierkreis poster, releaesd in the same video game magazine.

Suikoden Card Stories Posters
Suikoden Card Stories: Booster Pack Vol. 1 Promo Poster

Yet again an oddly shaped one, it's of Suikoden Card Stories: Premium Pack promo Poster

Top left: Suikoden Card Stories -chapter II- Booster pack Vol. 1 poster

Top right: Suikoden Card Stories: Booster Pack Vol. 4 poster

Bottom left: Suikoden Card Stories: Booster Pack Vol. 2 poster

Bottom right: Suikoden Card Stories: Booster Pack Vol. 3 poster

Suikoden Card Stories -chapter II- Booster Pack Vol. 2 promo poster

Suikoden Card Stories -chapter II- Booster Pack Vol. 3 promo poster

Suikoden Card Stories -chapter II- Booster Pack Vol. 4 promo poster

Misc. Suikoden Posters
In this picture is the famed Aki Shimizu, artist for the Suikoden 3 manga. Behind her is a huge poster for the first volume in the manga series. I doubt there were very many of these made, in fact maybe this is the only one. Needless to say it's a rare one, possibly impossible to hunt down for purchase :( Cool though, isn't it?

Suikoden Alliance Comic promo poster advertising the suikoden II alliance comic. Very rare.

Suikoden Shinso Vol. 7 promo Poster advertising the shinsos. Very cool and rare!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell *breathes* that was a lot, no? To think there are probably even a few more out there both tires and excites me :D. Some day I will own all these and decorate my room wall to wall, floor to ceiling with these!!!!! YAY!!

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009

Unlicensed but cute Suikoden plushies!

Hasta donde yo sé, no existen peluches grandes de Suikoden (sólo llaveros), pero existen algunos hechos por fans o particulares.
Desde Japón nos llegan estos preciosos peluches, se pueden ver en esta web.
El autor o autora es el mismo que hizo buena parte de las figuras de suikoden, como las de Luc, Sasarai y Ted. Por desgracia no parecen estar a la venta u_u
As far as I know, there isnt any suikoden big plush (only keychains), but there are some plushies made by fans or particular sellers.
From Japan, we can see these beautiful plushies, in this web.
The autor of them is the same who did a lot of the suikoden figures like Luc, Sasarai and Ted ones. Sadly, they dont seem to be on sale u_u

Pero si quieres comprar algunos peluches de Suikoden, hay una página que se dedica a hacerlos, tienen muchos modelos diferentes y además aceptan encargos. La página es ésta. Tienen además peluches de muchos animes y videojuegos diferentes, por un precio ajustado teniendo en cuenta que son totalmente hechos a mano. La página está aún en activo, aunque aún no nos hemos lanzado a comprar ahí, lo cual es muy tentador^^
But if you want to buy some suikoden plushies, theres a web who sell them, they have a lot of different ones and they can make the one you want too. The web is this one. They have a lot of different anime and videogame plushies, and the price is small if you think they are totally handmade, The web is still working, we didnt buy anything there yet, but thats a big temptation for us^^

domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009

Flame Champion prototype figure

Cuando salió el set de 7 figuras gashapon de todos los héroes de Suikoden, se pensaron si hacer al prota del 4 o al héroe del fuego, cuyo prototipo estaba ya hecho y anunciado. Al final se decantaron por Lazlo, y no se les ocurrió meter a este otro que lo tenían ya hecho como figura secreta o algo. Una pena, porque es una pasada. ¿Quién tendrá el prototipo en su mesita de noche? Y sobretodo... ¿por qué no YO? xD
Imagen sacada de los foros de Suikosource.

When the set of 7 Suikoden heros gashapon figures came out, they didnt know if they should do the suiko 4 hero or the flame champion, which prototype was already done and announced. Finnally, they choose Lazlo, and they didnt think in put Flame Champion like secret figure or something... Thats a shame, since its so cool. Who should have this prototype in his room? And... Why not ME? XD
Image from Suikosource forums.

jueves, 13 de agosto de 2009

Petición 1: Imagenes de Nanami

Debido a la petición de Jose en el comentario anterior, y dado a que es uno de los pocos lectores que este blog tiene (al menos, que yo sepa) y siendo la primera petición que me hacen y de un personaje que me gusta tanto como Nanami, no me puedo negar. Aquí dejo unas imagenes que he podido encontrar, ya que perdí muchas. Sobra decir que si alguien tiene una petición, aunque no tenga que ver con merchandising y siempre que tenga que ver con Suikoden, estaré encantada de hacerlo.
Due to Jose's request in the last post, and because hes one of the few readers this blog has, and thats about a character I love so much; I cant refuse. There is some images I could find, since I lost tons of them. If anyonehas some petition, even if thats not merchandising related but still Suikoden related, it will be my pleasure to do it.