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domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Happy Birthday, Winds! -Flik's fake game-

Today is a special day because is Wind's birthday, our favorite (and only one!) colaborator.
As a gift, Ill send him this item tomorrow.
Its a game for a crap chinese cheap console, which looks similiar to GBA. The games are all copies, with artworks, music and even the games itself stolen. This way I got him a copy of the game Happy Killer (funny name) which has Flik in the cover, a stolen artwork from the chinese wonderful artist Jo Chen, whis is very well known for her amazing drawings from marvel, street fighter, buffy and suikoden.
I know what they did stealing her artwork is really unfair, but I couldnt help seeing this cool Flik in a videogame *-*
I think I dont need to say but the game has nothing to do with Flik or suikoden, thats the literally description of the game, in a english which is even worse than mine. Enjoy it:

"Recently, treasure un Holy land was beenstealed. Xiaole decided to find them, for he want to prove he has been grown up, become a real man. He took the cowry that his father left and reached a unknown country inwich there were many villains. If Xiaole's identify was been founded, everyone will be Xiaole´s enemy. So Xiaole took one and one furious battles with the enemy during he looking for the treasure inone and unacquainted countries".

Im speechless. Its sad to say but it looks close to my english tests in highschool, haha.

After the 'amazing' description you may be expecting a very cool game. Im sorry, but it looks like crap xD

Well, thats the little gift I got for Winds, maybe Im a little cheap but what you dont know is I have another little gift for him, but shhhhhh dont tell him!
Btw, I offer all you a virtual piece of cake from last year, and...

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday, dear Winds
happy birthday to you!