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martes, 22 de junio de 2010

Suikoden I manga: The Succeed Crest, vol. 2

Aunque me he enterado con algo de retraso y no se puede considerar una noticia, ha salido el vol. 2 del manga de Suikoden I (si, sólo del 1, no se sabe nada del 2...)
Ya había perdido la esperanza, tras... 9 meses? XD No sé si Yu Hijikata es realmente tan lenta (ni Kentaro Miura...) o si han tenido problemas. Esperemos que se noralice y que podamos tener más tomos pronto. Go, go, Yu Hijikata!
Se puede conseguir en amazon o en Yesasia.Foto de una web china.I suppose that cant be considered like "news" but I just saw it now. The vol. 2 of suikoden I manga is already out and in sale (without news about suikoden II manga, sadly...).
I really didnt expect that and i lost all my hopes after 9 months waiting haha. I dont know if Yu Hijikata is SO slow (more than Kentaro Miura...) or if they had problems realising that. I hope we can have more mangas soon. Go, go, Yu Hijikata!
You can buy it in Amazon or in Yesasia.

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Suikoden II PC Chinese....Alas!!

Hola a todos!

We're very sorry for the lack of updates but Nan and I have been overly busy as of late, we rarely have time for updating. Especially since there hasn't been much news to tell in the world of Suikoden merchandise. I've managed to buy a few Suikoden things I didn't have in the last couple of months, but nothing that we haven't covered before. However there is one exception :)...I know we've talked about this item once before, but never had any real info for you....until today!

I managed to finally track down a copy of the Chinese version of Suikoden II for the PC!! YAAAY! Behold the beauty in all it's glory :). Unfortunately the auction didn't come in it's original packaging (I still haven't any idea what the original packaging looks like) but it did come with both install discs and the manual. Though, it's really nothing to drool about, the discs are very generic and the manual doesn't have anything we haven't seen before.
This is the first time i've played Suikoden II on the PC so I can't compare it to other PC versions (if there are any?). I can tell you though that everything is in a higher resolution and a little bit more detailed than its playstation counterpart. Simply said, it looks beautiful on the PC. The one thing I was a little dissapointed about was the lack of video and audio options. Why? Because there isn't any :(. The only options you are allowed to adjust are the keyboard and joystick buttons. At least they gave us that though right?

This version is probably right up there near the top on the rarity list for Suikoden merch. I've only ever seen this thing twice, the first time the seller refused to sell it for some reason, and this time I won it. It didn't come cheap either, over $100 :(.
I'll leave you with some pictures of it that I took :)

Suikoden 2 PC Chinese Discs and Manual

Inside the Manual

Back of Manual

Installation Menu

Menu Screen

Name Select

Nanamis Loading Screen!

Jowy and Riou

Captain Rowd


Fighting Highlanders


Tenzan Pass

Hunter Rune...:P

Going to Ryube for some sugar!

World Map

Rina, Eilie, and Bolgan


Jowy to the rescue!!

Jowy fails to rescue...

Riou. Do you... want my carrots? (in Chinese!)

The escape...looks like Jowy hung himself :(

Save Screen