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viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009

Suikoden New Promo Mug

Ya comenté en los post anteriores que konamistyle pondría a la venta un calendario del 2010 y un cd especial. Pero hay más. Si los reservas conjuntamente no te ahorrarás un yen, pero te llevarás un artículo promo muy especial: una taza de Suikoden con imágenes de las runas.
Se pueden reservar aquí. El precio del set es de 5625 yenes.

I already commented in other posts about konamistyle selling the 2010 calendar and a special cd. But here is some more. If you reservate both them you wont save even 1 yen, but you would receive a special promo item: a suikoden mug with drawings of the runes.
You can reserve it there. The price of the set will be 5625 yens.

4 comentarios:

    I was waiting in anticipation for them to release a photo of the design for this mug since you showed me that :) :***. The design is very simple yet amazing looking. I'm kind of glad they went with a rune design instead of a character design to be honest eh? It easily encompasses all of the Suikoden series which is very appropriate for the 15th anniversary :D.
    I hope the runes glow in the dark too when that becomes hot! haha. It's almost a shame we won't be able to drink from these mugs though :P
    Thanks for the update mi amor!!!
    <33333333333333334 x 15 :P

  2. Also I just want to say that i REALLY LOVE the runes you added to the website!! haha. Kind of like a 7 month anniversary of this very cool blog? :D hahaha.

  3. Yeahh! I was searching that everyday and that was always now printing hahaha I was so happy when I saw they posted the pic today, I love konamistyle! *-*
    I agree, I love the design too, its different of the most of merchandise which I actually love, but I like this one i so original and more mature ^^
    I didnt read nothing about the runs glowing in the dark or changing colouirs but that would be definately cool XD
    Im glad you liked the rune pics. I had to use photoshop and paint but that was fun, I think that suits this blog. Now you mention it, I want to think in something special for the 14th anniversary but shhh dont say anyone haha
    Kiss! <3

  4. HAHA *whispers* I promise I won't tell a soul! okies? I think it's a great idea! I want to do something too haha, I have a few ideas but nothing good yet. ^^
    *goes back to talking normally* And uhh yeah so, how about this weather we've been havig lately eh?
    *whispers* do you think they suspect anything?

    ....what am i doing
    so weird. weird.