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domingo, 4 de octubre de 2009

New and Improved Winds Suikoden Room......take 2!

Hello all again!!!
Since showing you my new suikoden shelves something a little crappy happened....they fell :*(. I came home one day to find all my collection on the floor in ruins, but fear not, miraculously nothing was harmed except one Japanese Suikoden V guide, and even then only one little tear in the cover. Of course I cried louder than Simone did when he lost his rose brooch for a little bit, but Nanami cheered me up! She even suggested a new way of displaying my collection. Not only is it cool, but it's also a little less dangerous! YAY NANAMI TO THE RESCUE!
I present to you my new and improved suikoden room....take 2!
It isn't big enough to house all my collection, but it is sufficient for now until I can buy another! If anyone is interested, you can buy these from ikea for 50 euros! Pretty cheap considering the quality.

2 comentarios:

  1. That looks very very cool >.< Its a shame it fell lol, but this way you have a much better dispayer! you have to buy more eh? ^^
    Hey why did you write the price in euros? hahaha

  2. Thanks Birthday giiiiirl :) *KISSES* and yeeeah I want to buy at least one more! but probably 5 or 6 :)
    HAHAHA awwww, im not sure eh? I think I figured most of our fans would be from europe! :)