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sábado, 24 de octubre de 2009

Suikoden I & II Konami The Best version

Well, even with the ever increasing amount of new merchandise we've been seeing these past weeks for our beloved series, it still may come as a surprise to you that the Japan-exclusive PSP port of Suikoden 1 and 2 has now been made into a "Konami The Best" or "Konami Besuto" version :P. In stores November 5th, with a price tag of 2,940yen. Apparently sales of the original PSP port weren't so hot in Japan, which makes you wonder why Konami decided to make this version of it. Perhaps it's because they love this serious just as much as we do :) awwwww, isnt it cute? There haven't been any changes in this version from the original port, except for the front cover design, which isnt all that different, but is much uglier, however :). Even though they are re-releasing this in Japan, there is little evidence to support the idea that they will be releasing this anywhere outside of Japan. You can pre-order it here.

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