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lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009

Winds' Wishlist

Since beautiful Nan uploaded her top 10 wish list, I thought it was appropriate to show you mine as well! Like hers, mine is constantly changing, since i'm always updating my collection.
Without further ado, here it is, magnificent, no?

1. Suikoden for Windows (Korean Version)
I have never actually seen this for auction. It slipped right passed my vision and evil Nanami won that. That's okay, when I marry her, I will inherit that :).

2. Suikoden III Store Promo Banners
These 4 banners were given to selected stores in Japan to promote the release of Suikoden III. I have the Suikoden III logo one on the far right, but am missing the other 3. They are very rare....but some day!

3. Suikoden 2 US Poster
Western related Suikoden merchandise are very few and far between, so whenever I see something, I must have it! Sadly the only time I have seen this is on Nanamis wall :(... Apparently this was given to the first 1000 buyers of the US version of Suikoden 2, so it is very limited. Just for fun, here is a picture of me stealing that from her wall :D

4. 108 Stars posters
Posters with a portrait of every character from the 108 Stars of Suikoden 1, 2, and 3. The first pic is the box they came in with little thumbnails of the posters inside. The 2nd pic is a bigger one of suikoden III's character portrait poster.

5. Tierkreis CD Single
Yes, I still have yet to find this for auction since the one time I saw it... *cries*. You can find more about it in this post here

6. Suikoden III TGS 2002 Charity Auction CD
Sorry guys, no pic of this as there were only 5 released. A boy can dream though, cant he?
Find out more about it here

7. Suikoden I Card packaging.
My favourite suikoden merchandise are usually from Suikoden I. I find the artwork to be very nostalgic and fantastic. That is why im crazy enough to desire the packaging of the first series of cards (not card stories) of Suikoden I. I own most of the cards, but am missing the box and bag they came in.

8. Suikoden I NTSC-J Sealed
Believe it or not this bad boy is almost impossible to find still sealed. I've seen it only once in my time collecting, and I was stupid enough not to buy it. It wasn't very expensive neither. I hope there is a next time...

9. Suikoden III Konamistyle Premier Set Sealed
As a Suikoden Collector it is a little embarassing for me to say I still do not own this awesome limited edition of Suikoden III. My main excuse is i've been trying to track down a sealed copy of this, but as I have not seen one yet, i'm almost convinced it doesn't exist haha. Soon I will cave and buy an open version :)

10. Suikoden V Rare Book
This little guy eludes me as to the origin or whatss inside. I saw it only one time for auction a couple years ago not long after the release of Suikoden V. I placed a bid of about 6000yen (crazy I know) but sadly that went for closer to 100, 000yen. Without knowing what it was, but seeing it going for such a high price, and not having seen it since, I can only assume this one is a rare hidden gem. And that makes me crave it even more...!!

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