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jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009

Winds Suikoden Collection!!

Hello everyone!
I have a special treat for you today :P, I am going to unleash my Suikoden Collection to you all. I will show pictures of everything and list what each thing is as best I can. First let me tell you a little bit about it, I've been collecting since 2005, mostly through auctions. I also took a trip to Japan in 2006, where I was a little dissapointed with the lack of Suikoden merch I was able to find, but I did find a few things there. I like to collect things sealed as much as I can, but it's not always necessary.
Without further ado, here it is! Enjoy! (Bare with me as there is a lot of pictures in this, I could have condensed them down to one or two pictures, but I really wanted to show everything as best I could, and also to make you think the collection is bigger than beautiful Nanamis :P)

Picture 1
Suikoden IV Wall Scroll, Suikoden Manga (Tokyopop) Vol 1, Suikoden I Card DoCoMo TGS 2007, Suikoden 1 Collectable Cards (These are my doubles), TGS 2003 Cards (6 of 9) Limited Item, Suikoden IV TGS 2004 Cards (Set of 18), Suikoden III Cards (I think from TGS 2002) Suikoden III Limited Card, Suikoden Konami Cards (Set of 7)

Picture 2
Suikoden V Preview DVD, Suikoden Orgel Collection CD (Only 1000 Made), Rhapsodia Preview DVD, Suikoden IV Memory Card Stickets, Flame Champion Plush Doll, Suikoden III Sticker Set, Suikoden III Preview DVD Gold Ed., Suikoden Tactics PAL Full Game (Promo packaging, given only to press), Suikoden IV PAL Full Game (Promo Packaging, given only to press), Suikoden V PAL Full Game (Promo Packaging, given only to press), Suikoden III Promo DVD Silver Ed., Suikoden IV PS2 Memory Card, Suikoden I Memory Card Holder Case (Rare and Old, Holds 4 PS1 memory cards), GBA Suikoden Card Stories Game, Suikoden Card Package, Suikoden III Koroku, Sgt. Joe, Suikoden II Notepad TGS Spring 2000 (Limited Item), Suikoden III Plush Doll Luc, Suikoden II Pins Set of 3 (Animate Red Package), Suikoden II Pins Set of 3 (Animate, Green Packaging), Suikoden IV Keychain, Suikoden II Pins Set of 3 (Animate, Silver Packaging), Gensosuikoden 1 Sega Saturn New, Suikoden II Coin Bank, Suikoden Card Stories Starter Set

Picture 3
Suikoden II TGS Spring 2000 Picture and Frame New in Box (Limited to 300 Copies, numbered on the frame). Metal Gear Solid 1 JP New (Contains Suikoden 1 Demo JP), Suikoden V Store Front Promo DVD, Suikogaiden Vol 2 New, Suikoden Card Packaging.

Picture 4
Suikoden II Hand Towels (Animate), Konami Preview Disc PS2 New (Contains Suikoden IV Demo), Suikoden DVD, Suikoden II Memory Card Holder (Animate), Suikoden III Pins (Set of 5) Suikoden IV Badges (Ted and Lazlp), Suikoden Cell Phone Straps (Riou and Joey, Lazlo x2, Tir), Suikoden II Riou Strap (Animate), Suikoden Cell Phone Strap (Geddoe), Suikoden Cell Phone Strap Riou and Joey, Suikogaiden Book Case (Animate), Suikoden V Faroush Necklace, Suikoden Card Stories Card Set Binder, Suikoden V Bookmark Cards (Toma, Lucretia x2, come with Suikoden V Japanese Guide), Suikoden II Riou Pencil (Animate), Suikoden III Badges Box (Green, comes with 30 unopened packages of green series badges), Suikoden III Red and Blue Badges Box (Both come with 30 unopened packages of badges red and blue series), Suikoden II another 2 sets of hand towels (Animate), Suikoden Cell Phone Strap another Tir

Picture 5
Suikogaiden Vol 2 Poster

Picture 6
Suikogaiden Vol 1 Poster

Picture 7
Suikoden 1 NTSC Used, Suikoden IV Limited OST (Comes with Piano Scores), Suikoden Card Stories Series 1 Cards (Set of 300), Suikogaiden Vol 1 PSOne New, Suikoden IV OST New, Suikoden 1 RARE Japanese English Version (NTSC-J English) New, Suikoden 1 OST New, 1996 Konami Promo 8mm CD Single (one song from Vandal Hearts, One song from Suikoden only played in the commercials for Suikoden 1 in Japan, song is called Premonition sung by Yadoranka). Suikoden II OST Vol 1 New, Suikoden II OST Vol 2 New, Suikoden IV Another World OST New, Rhapsodia OST New, Suikoden 1 Poster, Suikoden 2 Poster, Suikoden 1 NTSC New, Suikoden II NTSC New, Suikogaiden Vol 1 OST New, Suikogaiden Vol 2 New

Picture 8
Suikoden IV NTSC New, Suikoden IV NTSC New, Suikoden Tactics NTSC New, Suikoden III NTSC New, Suikoden IV NTSC New, Suikoden V NTSC New, Suikoden V NTSC New, Suikoden IV NTSC Used, Suikoden V French Manual, Suikoden III Store Front Promo Banner

Picture 9
Suikoden V Lyon Figure (Yujin), Suikoden II OST with Box Used, Suikoden 1 Sega Saturn Used, Suikoden V OST with Box New, Suikoden V Memory Card Hori, Suikoden III NTSC J RARE packaging (only given to konami stockholders), Suikoden Post Card Set, Suikoden II Notepad, Suikoden Rare DVD Case x2 New, Suikoden V Music CD and Art book, Suikoden V DVD, Suikoden IV Music CD

Picture 10
Suikoden IV Art Book, Suikoden 1 Prima Guide, Suikoden II Prima Guide, Suikoden Tactics Bradygames Guide, Suikoden V Bradygames Guide, Suikoden IV Bradygames Guide, Suikoden V Art Cell

Picture 11
Suikoden IV Phone Card, Suikoden II Badges Great Shield and Black Sword Runes, Flame Champion Black Case, Suikoden III Picture, Viktor Flag (Animate), Suikoden III Fan (Animate), Flame Champion Black Case, Flame Champion Dog Tags, Suikoden II Mirror (Animate), Suikoden IV 100 Potch Gold Coin, Suikoden III Japan Style Fan, Suikoden II Cookie Jar in Box (Animate), Suikoden I Souleater Necklace (x2), Suikoden II Badges Great Shield and Black Sword Runes, Suikoden Card Box (Chris is on the other side), Suikoden Yamato Set of 7 Toys, Suikoden II Large Card (Animate), Suikoden III Flame Champion Pencil Case

Picture 12
Suikoden I PC Game for Windows Japanese Used, Suikoden V Limited Edition NTSCJ New, Suikoden IV Limited Edition NTSC J New, Suikoden IV Japanese Game with Rare Box (Only sold in very limited quantities on, Suikoden V Promo DVD Blue Ed., Suikoden II The Best NTSC J New, Suikoden V DVD, Suikogaiden Vol 1 NTSC J New, Suikoden IV Promo DVD

Picture 13
Suikoden III Pencil Case Binder Sets (Red and Blue Editions. Animate) Suikoden V Japanese Guide, Suikoden II Picture Frame, Suikoden Manga Tokyopop Vol 2-10

Picture 14
Suikoden Cards Binder from Konami

Picture 15
Original Suikoden Cards Set of 153 (Missing special cards 1, 4, 8, and 9)

Picture 16
Suikoden II Jowy Doll made by Volks (i like to call him GI Jowy to make it more manlier)

Picture 17
Tierkreis Store Promo POP Stand, Suikoden III Fan, Suikoden II Hugo and Geddoe Cards, Tierkreis Promo Leaflets, Suikoden 1/2/3 Promo Leaflet, Suikoden 3 Postcards (Chris, Geddoe, Hugo), Suikoden III Sticker, Suikoden III Bookmark set, Suikoden III Pencil Board, Suikoden III Flame Champion Cell Phone Strap, Suikoden III Pin Badges, Suikoden II Mouse pad, Bemani Pocket Konamix w/ Suikoden 1 song, Suikoden Tierkreis TGS Notepad

Picture 18
Suikoden 2 NTSC-J Fake Disc w/ Shin Artwork, Suikoden Tierkreis Digital Artbook/CD, Suikoden Tierkreis NTSC-U, Suikogaiden Mug w/ Box
Suikoden 1 German Walkthrough, Suikoden 1 Mouse pad, Suikoden IV Leaflet, Suikoden III Posters (Chris and Hugo), Suikoden Tierkreis Book Cover, Suikoden II Animate Mug w/ Box, Suikoden Tierkreis Limited Ed. OST, Suikoden Tierkreis NTSC-U, Tierkreis Artbook, Tierkreis Drama CD, Suikoden III Volume 5 French version w/ DVD, Tierkreis Bookmarks, Suikoden III Brown Badge Box

Picture 19
Suikoden IV 2005 Calender, Suikoden 2002 Calender, Suikoden 2003 Calender, Suikoden 2002 Calender, Suikoden III US Poster, Suikoden III US Poster (a different one), Suikoden Card Stories Poster, Suikoden Card Stories 2 Poster, Suikoden III Konami Shareholders Edition Sealed

Alright that's all guys, I hope you enjoyed it. I actually have a few more items that I recently purchased but are currently still being shipped to me :). Also, sorry for the last pic and the pics containing posters, there is a lot of them and I didn't feel like rolling them all out. Rest assured I will get to that eventually in a Posters review that we'll be doing soon :). Also, the Bemani Pocket Konamix in Picture 17 will be reviewed more in depth too, possibly with a video if I ever get good at it (the suikoden song is EXTREMELY hard, not to mention I suck, haha). One final thing I'd like to say is Thank You to our very own sweet Nanami for buying me a few of the items in my collection. Isn't she el numero uno? :*****

2 comentarios:

  1. Amazing collection, as always^_^
    did you go to Japan in 2006? Really? I thought... XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    I need your posters and of course... JOWY! Dont try to make him malier, thats just impossible XD but he's cute! good thing you didn't forget about him eh? haha
    Youre welcome! We are a suikoden nerd team afterall haha and you help me a lot with my suiko collection too!
    Oh I really want to see this konamix post eh?^^

  2. HAHAHA thanks Nanami!! <334 I'm really anxious to see what you unleash upon us in your collection update. That should be massive!
    Also, youre a brat :P! I would never forget about Jowy hahaha, where did you get this crazy notion from?
    HAHA i like to refer to us as the Suikogeeks duo!!
    And the konamix post will be my next one, i've never been so excited to show off a suikoden item more than this!!