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lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

More Suikoden merchandise : )

Aquí dejo las fotos del paquete que he recibido hoy, llevaba siglos sin comprar nada y me ha hecho mucha ilusión recibirlo. ¡Espero que os guste!

Here are the pic of my new package I just receive it today, I didnt buy anything from long time ago and I was so happy to receive it! I hope you like it!

6 comentarios:

  1. Wooooow!! You have been busy :) That looks like a treasure chest worth of goodies! I definitely like those post cards as well :P They are cool and I never saw them before! I did manage to buy the Suikoden 2 one of Riou and also the cardstories one of him as well but it seems they could be lost after what happened in Japan. It is very scary and my heart goes out to all of them :(. Shin's family talked to him and they are all safe as well! They live in Tokyo so fortunately didn't feel the main force of the devistation.

  2. Hey Winds!
    Im glad shin's family is ok!
    About Japan, its true that was awful but theyre strong and im sure they will be much better soon! Rinkya is not affected neither and a lot of our fav sellers neither, so dont be so pesimistic neither!
    I would really really like to go this year, but finally I cant (nothing related with the disaster, I was going to go anyway). Its sad because I wanted to do something for them and travelling is good for their economy... but well, ill keep buying nd thats another way to help them. Ill go next year, thats for sure... lets wait another year : (
    And abpout my collection, isnt anything cool like yours : ( I didnt get anything very special but im really trying to get cool stuff. Thanks for replying, its really lonely here sometimes!

  3. Awww you can't go this year? That is a shame because I knew how much you wanted to take a vacation there! I unfortunately don't know if i'm going to be able to go either. I am still heavily thinking about it. And yes I am so glad rinkya is okay and our favourite sellers too! As long as we keep buying in the mean time we are helping them recoup what they have lost!

  4. wow amazing..
    from where you collect all of that?

  5. Hello Moch!
    Well, I usually buy to ebay and yahoo japan auction : ) I have been collecting since almost 10 years ago so I could get an OK amount of suikoden goods!
    Thanks for your comment, if youre searching for something about merchandise we would be glad to help you : )

  6. Brutal!! Me encanta!!!! ToT
    Lo que tengo yo tu lado es nada. xDDDDD

    Debes moverte muy bien por webs para hallar todo eso >o<
    En tiendas si tienen algo de Suikoden es medio milagro. xD