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sábado, 12 de febrero de 2011

Suikoden Korean pc: big box edition!

El otro día estaba aburrida y estuve buscando "suikoden" en coreano y chino. Tras buscar mucho encontré una versión diferente de la edicion coreana de pc que tengo del suikoden I.
Parece el mismo juego pero con caja grande. Hay incluso capturas del juego. Imagenes tomadas de la web que aparece escrita en las imágenes : )
Ni idea de donde comprarlo, estuve buscando en subastas coreanas pero no encontré nada >.<
Para mi esta edición es de las más bonitas que existen, especialmente el cd, ¡me encanta!
The other day I was bored and I was seaching "suikoden" in korean and chinese. After searching a lot I found another version of the edition I have.
It seems same but with big box. There are some in game pics, too. I found the pics in the web that you can see in the pics : )
Sadly, I dont know where to buy it. I was searching in korean auctions but i didnt find anything cool.
I think this edition is very beautiful, specially the cd... I love it!

3 comentarios:

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this Nan!
    It is weird how there exists so many PC versions of Suikoden but they are kept so hidden haha. I'm glad you found all these tho so we know they exist :). Especially this one as the quality of the art looks very high. This makes 2 korean pc versions I still need :(

  2. : ) no problem! that reminds me... did you see the grandia 2 korean pc version I have in cadiz? this version looks just the same as this one : ) I wonder why play-asia sold this weird version of grandia and they didnt the same with suikoden >_<
    I think the game and cd are same as in the little box edition I have, but booklet should be smaller >.< thats the bad thing abput sealed stuff, aw.

  3. But now i think about it my grandia was a limited version with an artbook and ost; and this one was as long as I know, the only limited version for this game (only korean pc version was limited!) that makes me thing in the chances suikoden korean comes with something more, that would be nice.. >__<