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martes, 5 de julio de 2011

Last purchase! new suikoden items

Ayer me llegó el paquete con mi última suikompra : ) abulta poquito pero creo que no está mal. Sigo intentando coleccionar a pesar de que ya perdí la esperanza de ganar a Winds y de que no puedo gastar mucho xD Próximamente, más : )

Yesterday I received the package with my last suikopurchase. Its not big but I think its not bad. I still try to collect even when I lost my hopes of winning Winds and I cant spend very much xD More, coming soon : )

8 comentarios:

  1. Nice collection update Nan-chan!
    I love the size of the suikogaiden vol 1 binder, I always thought it would be the size of our other binders but this ones small :D. I think it's supposed to fit postcards?
    I love the suikoden 2 postcard too!
    And now you officially have a cooler picture than the guy on rpgdreamers with the sock :P

  2. Oh, Im glad to know youre still alive! xD
    Nice to see you here mr Winds!
    Hm, do you mean the blue one? I think its for phone cards... Im not sure thought.
    Oh, tons of thanks, if my pic and collection is cooler than Spike's thats a great compliment ¬¬!!! do you have all the stuff I do in the pic? I think I know the answer but still XD
    See you!

  3. Heyo! I am still breathing :)
    Sorry I meant the white one beside the Suikoden III Memory card case! Is yours sealed?
    That is one of the items in this pic I still don't have :( (but might get it soon :P). Also from this pic I don't have the 2 postcards, and the suikoden III and IV phone cards :(. Hopefully some day!
    I still really want to get that pachislot machine but argh, I have nowhere to put it!

  4. Hmm Jeff, I think youre wrong. Thats not exactly a binder its just... the refill you can put in a binder. It says "refill set" in the back and I think its the one I gave to you with the cats and that? This one:
    but just sealed. can it be?
    All the stuff in this pic is still sealed but the suiko IV phone card and the suikoden I card stuff obviusly : )

  5. Oh oops I thought that was a postcard haha. But for the binder I was referring to the item to the left of the Suikoden III memory card case. In one description I saw it says it is used to insert postcards. It looks the size too, no?

  6. AAAAAAAAAAAh ok XDDDDDDDDDD sorry I thought that was the other one! yeah, i think its for that : )
    Before having that I always thought that was something much cooler, the first time I even thought that was some kind of special edition of suikogaiden 1 : ( but well thats cool anyways!

  7. Abulta poquito dice xD
    no está NADA mal!!!! *_* guardalo como un tesoro. Yo el día que tenga dinero que diga puedo gastarme en caprichos así, me gustaría también tener cosiñas así. :3

  8. Haha darn, now I want a special edition of suikogaiden 1 :( haha. But you're right! It's still cool anyway. I love the binders :)