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miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Suikoden II PC Chinese....Alas!!

Hola a todos!

We're very sorry for the lack of updates but Nan and I have been overly busy as of late, we rarely have time for updating. Especially since there hasn't been much news to tell in the world of Suikoden merchandise. I've managed to buy a few Suikoden things I didn't have in the last couple of months, but nothing that we haven't covered before. However there is one exception :)...I know we've talked about this item once before, but never had any real info for you....until today!

I managed to finally track down a copy of the Chinese version of Suikoden II for the PC!! YAAAY! Behold the beauty in all it's glory :). Unfortunately the auction didn't come in it's original packaging (I still haven't any idea what the original packaging looks like) but it did come with both install discs and the manual. Though, it's really nothing to drool about, the discs are very generic and the manual doesn't have anything we haven't seen before.
This is the first time i've played Suikoden II on the PC so I can't compare it to other PC versions (if there are any?). I can tell you though that everything is in a higher resolution and a little bit more detailed than its playstation counterpart. Simply said, it looks beautiful on the PC. The one thing I was a little dissapointed about was the lack of video and audio options. Why? Because there isn't any :(. The only options you are allowed to adjust are the keyboard and joystick buttons. At least they gave us that though right?

This version is probably right up there near the top on the rarity list for Suikoden merch. I've only ever seen this thing twice, the first time the seller refused to sell it for some reason, and this time I won it. It didn't come cheap either, over $100 :(.
I'll leave you with some pictures of it that I took :)

Suikoden 2 PC Chinese Discs and Manual

Inside the Manual

Back of Manual

Installation Menu

Menu Screen

Name Select

Nanamis Loading Screen!

Jowy and Riou

Captain Rowd


Fighting Highlanders


Tenzan Pass

Hunter Rune...:P

Going to Ryube for some sugar!

World Map

Rina, Eilie, and Bolgan


Jowy to the rescue!!

Jowy fails to rescue...

Riou. Do you... want my carrots? (in Chinese!)

The escape...looks like Jowy hung himself :(

Save Screen

10 comentarios:

  1. Hahaha awesome.
    Thanks, Winds. It really looks similar to suikoden I pc version. They "cleaned" a bit the characters and it looks great. I love to see the detail in the carrot scene.
    Thanks for your post and congrats for winning this very very rare item. We only need to know how is the box now.

  2. Haha thanks Nanami!
    I thought you might like that carrot scene :). And yes now we can actually see the carrots on the plate compared to the playstation version which just looked like a yellow blob, haha.
    On a side note, did you know suikoden 1 for pc no longer works on windows 7? At least the 64bit version of windows 7. I tried to install it yesterday for comparison but it wouldn't let me aw :(.
    And welcome back! I hope you had an awesome vacation!
    LOL Cheers :P

  3. Hi, guys! Oh, my... over 100? Winds, you should take good care of that precious (and expensive) jewel! (No doubt you will).

    The screens look so, so pretty! The Tenzan pass one is specially beautiful.

    Don't worry... everybody seems to have been busy (like crazy) these days. I haven't updated too much myself, and I haven't had even enough time for my assigned mission of scanning the two volumes of the Suikoden V manga I own. Not even for my self-assigned project on going over EVERY Suikoden game this year, sniiiiiffff...

    Still, remember, guys, this is Suiko year. Hopefully we'll get news from Konami as November gets closer of something.

    Hugs and kisses to both of you, and to the rest of your readers as well! :D

  4. Woooo qué bien se ve!!!!
    El SII de PC sí que va para más tipos de windows ¿verdad? El I creo recordar que era sólo para 95 x_x ¿así cómo jugamos? (a menos que sea algo pirata).

    Está muy chulo!
    Aunque si no conoces SII, jugarlo en Chino lo veo complicado si no sabes el idioma, jaja.

    Nos vemos Nanami!! :3
    Besos y abrazos!!!

  5. Hola Aisling!
    Gracias por pasarte por aquí y espero que puedas cumplir algunas de tus metas suikodeneras este anyo, que aún nos queda la mita y hay tiempo! haha : ) esperemos que tengas razón y oir buenas noticias cuando se acerque el final del 2010. Saludos ^_^

    Hola Chiisa!
    El suikoden I vale también en xp, porque yo lo probé y me funcionó : ) el suikoden II creo que me comentó Winds que no funciona en Vista, pero supongo que en xp si, ni idea del 7.
    Que vaya bien y gracias por comentar! : )

  6. Thanks for your comments Aisling and Chiisa!

    Haha, I will definitely be taking care of this one. I will probably make a backup of it and upload it here if you guys want to try it out?

    Haha my mission this year is to replay Suikoden V and finally beat Suikoden Tactics which i'm ashamed to say I have never beaten :(. Though I fear too I won't be able to accomplish this haha, strategy games like Suikoden Tactics have never been my forté.

    I have a good feeling we will see or hear something about an upcoming Suikoden at this years TGS in September :). Gotta stay hopeful!

    Also I have a surprise update but it may not be for a while, I only recently bought it so it will take a while to ship to me (coming from Japan). But it'll be a good one I promise!


  7. Hi

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  8. please man please make an iso of it and share it please!!!!