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sábado, 27 de febrero de 2010

Confirmation on a rare item!!

Hello everyone! ¿Como estais? ^^
We have a very cool update! Nan and I have been unsure whether this item actually exists or not, we had heard rumours, but never any facts. The closest we came to seeing it exist was back on a Chinese webpage that had a photoshopped picture of what the box might look like, the webpage has since been taken down :(. If it did indeed exist, not only would it have been one of the rarest Suikoden items, but one of the coolest as well! At least in my opinion :) haha. In fact when Nan and I created our top 10 wish lists of Suikoden merchandise a while back, we probably would have included it in there if it was sure that it existed. Now finally, after all these years, last week we saw it in an auction, but unfortunately the seller was a little weird and decided not to sell it *cries*. However he did have a picture of this item in the auction, proving that the rumours were true and this item was indeed released.....Do you want to know what it is? I'll shut up and show you now :D

Surprise Suikoden item! <-- Click here!

That's right! It's the PC Version of Suikoden 2. I really really wish the seller continued with the auction but I always seem to have bad luck with PC versions of Suikoden....i'm looking at you Nan :P haha. By the time this comes to auction again we'll probably be dead of old age :(. At least we can now confirm that this thing actually does exist! The only question left is what does the outer box looks like....does that exist? :P

The search continues....

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