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jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009

Suikoden 1 PC Chinese....again!

Hello all!

A new gift arrived in my mail today, but sadly it isn't for me :( haha, especially since it's so cool! Nanami talked about it a little bit already here. It's the Suikoden 1 PC Chinese version. Comparing this to the Japanese version it is actually higher quality in my opinion. The colours seem a little bit more vibrant in the printing, the box is much sturdier, and there is a little bit more included inside! Let's take a look inside! ^^







The blue page seems to be showing a list of games from SOFT WORLD (the chinese developer of the game) while the yellow insert seems to be a list of games from them that were on sale at that time, including Suikoden 1. Also, on the yellow insert and the back of the box are silver stickers that show that this product is official and not copyrighted, which is a welcome addition since China makes a lot of bootlegged games. The artbook seems to be almost identical to the Japanese version, except it has 56 pages in colour while the Japanese version only has 42.
This awesome game belongs to Nanami so I will be shipping it to her soon! I'm so jealous of you!! :**

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  1. hey did u know that there was also suikoden 2 in chinese